Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Famous Filipino 'Psychic Healer' Arrested in Toronto

Famous 'Psychic Healer' Arrested in Toronto
Source: Skeptical Inquirer Volume 29, Number 5

On June 14, 2005, police in Toronto, Canada, arrested a self-proclaimed "psychic healer" named Alex Orbito. The sixty-year-old Filipino man became wanted by police after a number of victims came forward to report that he "treated" 600 people in his Best Western Hotel room in Scarborough, Ontario, charging C$135 for two-minute "healing" treatments. He claimed the he could heal any illness by removing "negative energies" and performing psychic surgery.Orbito and an accomplice were fraud over $5,000 and possession of proceeds of crime. Police estimated that Orbito made over $80,000 inthe three-day period.
According to detective Doug Dunstan, "Our concern is that he is a fake and he is taking money away from people who are suffering from serious illness like cancer."
Orbito is a well known faith healer in the Philippines and has constructed the "Pyramid Asia," which he claims channels so much psychic energy that after twenty minutes of exposure it proves fatal to visitors (though apparently not insects; the pyramid recently underwent repair from termite damage).
Orbito has traveled the world promoting his healings, and achieved fame as aresult of Shirley MacLaine's book Going Within: A Guide for InnerTransformation, in which she lists him as one of the world's top psychic surgeons.
Orbito performed his surgery on clients by using sleight of hand magician tricks including using chicken organs as removed tumors and conceals balloon of blood. Orbito was released on bail for @35,000 and was scheduled to stand trial in July.
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